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Access. INSIGHTS. opportunities.

Brand Treez enables cannabis Brands with access to data and insights to make informed decisions and maximize opportunities.

Easily place all of your Brand’s products in front of every Treez retailer by adding your listings to the only Universal Product Catalog in the industry.


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Catalog Management

Maintain control over your content, imagery, and details of every product you sell and make the handover of product information seamless.

Opportunity Management

Gain real-time stock-level visibility into how well your brand is selling across your entire retail footprint to open up new opportunities for growth.

Market Insights

Broaden your brand insights, understand your consumers, and get an accurate inventory count to make better decisions and improve your business’s outcomes.

Sales Management

Make your brand and products easily discoverable by all Treez Retailers and open up new opportunities to increase your wholesale revenue.

Catalog Management.

Increase brand affinity and loyalty.


It’s essential to have control over how retailers across all channels represent your products.

With our Catalog Management tools, it’s easy to make sure your products contain consistent images, ingredients, descriptions, and effects across every retailer that sells your products. As a result, BrandTreez empowers you to create a unified brand experience, increase customer retention and loyalty, expand product knowledge, and boost lifetime customer value. 

Market and Retailer Insights.

Drive decisions with data.

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You need a deeper understanding of how your Brand is performing at the market level and understand how you compare to similar brands.

Our Market Insights module tracks and analyzes your market position and product usage by region, demographics, and category in an easy-to-use dashboard that team members can use matter their background or skill set. BrandTreez increases your fulfillment efficiency, projects revenue opportunities, and provides a more accurate inventory picture to make better decisions, forecast demand, and improve business outcomes.

Opportunity Management.

Gain end-to-end awareness.


It’s critical to know how your products perform in retailers to understand your growth opportunities.

The BrandTreez Opportunity Management module empowers your team with product and retail sales insights. Have the data you need to make decisions about your day-to-day business operations and maintain a competitive edge. With Treez, gain the ability to increase sales by knowing when to approach a retailer with a new product line or educate on cross-selling opportunities, learn demographics to run informed marketing campaigns, and predict demand, and increase fulfillment efficiency.

Sales Management.

Ensure accurate product knowledge.


Brands need to offer retail sales partners visibility into their ecosystem of products to ensure retailers can meet their consumer needs.

Through our Sales Management module, retailers selling your products will have everything you want them to know within their everyday workflow. As a result, you'll see increased sales through heightened budtender confidence and cross-sell opportunities at the register and increased loyalty through accuracy.

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Our Ask Treez Data Analytics platform provides Brands with real-time insights, in-depth inventory knowledge and helps you understand both your market and retail adoption. Start making more informed business decisions around sales strategies, marketing efforts, operations management, and supply chain planning.

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TreezCloud is our secure, cloud-based platform that enables you to run your business with peace of mind and easy-to-use workflows. With our robust APIs and partner ecosystem, when you make a change to your brand’s product listings in our universal catalog, your changes will be reflected on sites like Weedmaps, Jane, and others. Our platform is built so that you can focus on growing your business and not worry about your technology.


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