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SellTreez is the leading solution for cannabis retailers who seek to transform their retail operations. 

SellTreez robust point-of-sale solution combined with comprehensive retail management capabilities empowers you to:

  • Increase transactions

  • Control inventory

  • Optimize workflows

  • Fulfill omni-channel sales


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Inventory Management

Easily and accurately control inventory and purchasing to decrease loss, reduce risk, and increase profit margins.

Customer Management

Create an efficient check-in process that minimizes customer wait times and creates a personalized customer experience.


Provide a seamless check-out process that automates the complexity of payment methods, taxes, discounts, and reporting to increase sales volume and productivity.



Offer customers a broader range of shopping experiences across multiple channels with interactive menu and purchasing options to increase channel sales volumes.

Inventory Management

Streamline compliance and stock counts.

Automate compliance, increase your visibility into state tracking systems, and centralize your purchasing function while accurately controlling inventory across your supply chain lifecycle.

SellTreez Inventory Management empowers retailers to quickly and accurately manage all aspects of inventory while mitigating compliance risks and monitoring the overall health of inventory performance. Automate Metrc reporting, reduce loss and discrepancies, stay compliant, increase profit margins, and streamline stock counts with SellTreez Inventory Management.

Customer Management

Create a better customer experience.


Optimize your check-in process with an efficient workflow that helps you capture more transactions in less time and personalize your customers’ experiences.

SellTreez Customer Management module streamlines the check-in and sales workflow by applying all relevant customer information during each phase of the shopping experience. Decrease customer wait times, increase customer loyalty, and achieve higher average order values with Treez.

Point-of-Sale Management

Increase ticket volumes and productivity.


Increase your store’s efficiency with a check-out process that automates the complexity of payment methods, discounts, and reporting and accurately applies complex tax structures and individual purchase limits while supporting integrated payment options.

Sell Treez Point of Sale enables retailers with intelligent, convenient, and integrated payment options that optimize the check-out experience while enforcing compliance. With Treez, you can increase ticket volumes, reduce wait time, and improve staff sales productivity. 


Grow your market presence and sales.


Elevate your customer experience and increase revenue opportunities by providing easy, accurate, and convenient access to interactive product menus and options to purchase online.

SellTreez Omni-Channel Sales provides your customers with a variety of purchasing options and fulfillment channels. Offer more convenience to select products from up-to-date menus, purchase from popular platforms, and receive products through multiple fulfillment channels. Increase your market presence, digital traffic, fulfillment, and customer satisfaction, and boost your sales with Treez.

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Our AskTreez Data Analytics platform provides Retailers with real-time insights and in-depth inventory knowledge to create comprehensive, centrally-managed retail management dashboards to report across their entire operation. Start making more informed business decisions around sales strategies, marketing efforts, store management, and supply chain planning.

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CloudTreez is our secure, cloud-based platform that enables you to run your business with peace of mind. Have confidence that your technology works in the most critical hours. Built on AWS with industry-leading standards for reliability and monitoring. Our 24/7 support team is ready to help when you need us. Our platform is built so you can focus on growing your business.


Get a 40% increase in average order value and a 10% increase in revenue year over year with in-store and online cashless payments.

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