STreamline inventory management with Treez.

make labeling a breeze.

Back-of-house staff can efficiently and accurately package and label inventory with label and barcode creation and label printing built into the inventory receiving process.


Automate your Metrc Reporting.

Treez API integration with Metrc lets retailers quickly submit, reconcile, and resend reports in near real-time. Treez instantly recognizes and displays reporting errors with the Metrc error code, so you can quickly correct and resubmit reports and manage compliance from one central location.


locate your inventory effortlessly.

Designate inventory for distinct purposes, including inventory staging or fulfilling deliveries, with Treez location tracking. Retailers can manage inventory, regardless of where your product is located within your store, to quickly and accurately account for each item.


Standardize your product information.

Retailers can easily manage their product catalogs and define product prices from one central location.


stay on top of your vendor relations.

Gain a comprehensive view of open invoices, distributor profiles, balances, and refunds to apply with invoice control.


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Grow your efficiency
with Treez.