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Treez is integrated with the best software tools in the industry, giving you the options and flexibility you need to build a better dispensary operation. Get connected to CRM, payments, analytics, online menus, banking, e-commerce many more solutions with Treez. Check out our list of integrated and referral partners today.


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  • Provide a better experience for your dispensary and brand customers

  • Gain access to marketing and sales tools to help close deals

  • Register, record, and track new and ongoing deals in one place

  • Integrate seamlessly with Treez API to access market data


What OUR Partners Are Saying

“We really appreciate Treez’s dedication to the quality of their data infrastructure and API’s.”

Andrew Duffy

“Treez has a developed API system. They take these conversations seriously because they are serious about the success of the consumer.”


“Coupled with Treez, we have the ability to provide really powerful consultations. When we’re able to provide a service, such as giving retailers insights into their inventory and how it will change, that partnership helps us build trust.”

David nava
Director of sales, petalfast

How to apply for the Treez Partner Program

  • Apply though our portal

    Click “Apply today” to be taken to the Treez Partner Portal. Enter your corporate email address, personal contact information, and company information.

  • Submit your application

    Once your application is submitted, an email will be sent to our partner team to review your application.

  • Get Started

    Once your application is approved, you’ll get a follow up email that you’ve been approved for the program with instructions on how to get started.