The leading digital payments solution for Cannabis retailers.


As the cannabis industry continues to mature, so do the expectations of consumers. Deliver secure, convenient, integrated cashless payment solutions that increase revenue and elevate your customer experience. Seamlessly integrate with SellTreez, offer new payment options, and support your omni-channel sales goals.  

Transform your payment experience

  • Pin / debit

    Offer your customers the convenience of paying with their debit card during the check-out process. This option offers the same security, accuracy, and functionality found at any retail location where debit cards are accepted.

  • ACH Payment

    SellTreez Pay ACH offers a convenient way to pay for online orders via mobile or personal devices. Payments can be collected through your eCommerce menu or via SMS. Customers use their bank account to securely pre-pay for their orders, saving time during the pick-up process.

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  • Experience a 10% increase in YoY revenue

  • Report a 40% increase in average order value

  • See a 30% increase in daily ticket value