Simplify your
Point-of-Sale with treez

Transact fluidly.

Transform labor-intensive calculations into an automated and error-free process with Smart Check-Out that automatically applies discounts, sales taxes, and individual purchase limits.


Modernize your retail experience

Streamline the customer service and check-out process by offering product sales by weight* interactive product menus and integrated cashless payment options.


gain visibility into your business.

Understand staff sales activity through a detailed sales management dashboard that provides accurate insight into both cash handling and non-cash payments from each shift to help you account for all money movement within your store.


Make compliance effortless

Automate compliance within transactions and labels, and automate sales tax calculation, creating a streamlined and error-free check-out and reporting process.


Customize Treez to match your workflows.

Reserve products and assign registers with sell by location to support unique sales models and multiple delivery workflows.


Fulfill your orders efficiently.

Streamline the fulfillment workflow, view orders by channel or user role, fulfill orders, and update order status from one central view with the order management dashboard.


Learn about Treez Point-Of-sALE directly from the Treez Community.

with Treez.